Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's Headlines

Here's what happening in your world.

First a little diddy about Lucy's diet.  A team of archaeologists have uncovered some evidence that suggests that A. afarensis, of which Lucy belongs, may have been butchering animals.  (Here's the link to the BBC story.)  Of course with all big discoveries that challenge the standard notions comes controversy (read about that here).  I like archaeology and anthropology so I think these stories are interesting.  Make sure you check out the link posted on my resources page that details the hominid timeline.  Even if you aren't so sure about the whole evolution part, just take a look at when H. sapiens shows up and then look at how long it was before early farming hits the timeline.

The second headline today is about a vegetarian publication using photos of meat dishes to advertise their recipes.  Apparently they had airbrushed the pictures to make them look vegetarian or vegan.  I found the following excerpt especially entertaining.
Angry at being taken in by the images, one reader commented on the magazine’s Web site how awful it felt “to have craved any of the foods featured here, because now I feel I was craving animals.”
Another excerpt was dead on...I confess this is what I was thinking.
Other commenters criticized the editors as contributing to public perceptions of vegan food as bland and unappealing. “Any omnivore who catches wind of this will be left with the impression that vegan food must turn out so unappetizing that even the leading vegan magazine will not show legitimate photos of it,” a commenter said.
Until next time...you stay classy, San Diego.