This video explains the improvements in gorilla health once they ate a diet they were meant to consume.  So, shouldn't we be eating a diet that we were meant to consume?

This video is about the life of modern day hunter-gatherers in Africa.  It details different hunting methods, ending with a persistence hunt.  The part that stuck with me is that the government encroaches on their rights to live a natural lifestyle.

A humorous video about vegetarians and omnivores.

An old Geico caveman commercial...I love the tune that plays (it's on my iPod).

A five part series from ABC that discusses the food industry, our government's involvement and how it's making us fat.  They question the government's role in diet through the subsidies it gives (and the impact on the marketplace) but never one did they question the government's food pyramid.

Jamie Oliver's speech at TED detailing his mission to improve the way we eat.