About Me

Things to know about me:
  1. I am a movie buff.
  2. I dabble with photography.
  3. I LOVE dogs.
  4. I need to exercise.
  5. I prefer the old Geico cavemen.
  6. I believe in Paleo.
Things to know about my Paleo lifestyle:
  1. I'm not sure green beans are kosher so I only have them every other month.
  2. I don't think cashews or cassava are legal.  Have you read the process of harvesting them? I will avoid or limit consumption to a few times a year until I learn more.
  3. I can't bring myself to eat organ meats.  (I'm making a gross face just typing the word "organ meat".)
  4. I only drink water.
  5. I eat Paleo baked goods on rare occassions.
  6. I've tried to "go Paleo" before.
  1. I stole a bite size Snickers the other day and polluted my body with it.
  2. I have had impure thoughts of pigging out on cookies.
  3. I lied in post one, I also stole a couple of twizzlers and a caramel chew.  Not on the same day though.