Monday, April 11, 2011

Extra, Extra!!!

Today while perusing my news pages I came across a headline stating that the Chicago school district was going to ban homemade lunches at their schools.  Here's the link.  I remember school lunches from when I was a kid and they weren't to bad.  However, I recently saw a listing of the school lunches offered in the city I live in and they were atrocious.  It was hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, tater tots and french fries.  This was all during the same week.  Since I have an awful memory I don't want to say that we never got this kind of stuff but I seem to remember that we would sometimes get a junk meal on Fridays.  Sort of like casual Friday at the office.

Another headline stated that States were cracking down on junk food.  They are stipulating what sort of food gets served at office parties, regulating calories per serving, restricting advertising on state property and in general creating confusion without really taking any meaningful steps.  Here's the link.