Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So, things have been a little tough for me the past couple of weeks.  I sort of just let things (Paleo things) go to the wayside.  Not totally but about 40 percent.  Between my normal work hours and heading out of town to do my usual stint at the folks plus helping my friend pack her home, I've been lucky to sleep in my own bed.  Today was the first day to myself and I made good use of it.  I've been totally Paleo today and even managed to take a mile run in my new Invisible Shoes (huaraches for the minimalist shoe camp) and went to the pool to swim some laps.  It was a great day and aside from my feet being a little tender from the huaraches (I'm just starting out in them) I feel great.

I just had some leftover babybacks that I grilled up for a dinner party Sunday night.  They were awesome.  Here's my iPhone pick of them smoking away on the barbie.

Life is good kids!  I'm glad to have a chance to regroup and get my Paleo life back in order.  I'll be cooking up some meals for my weekend on and will get them posted.  I'm also going to start blogging a little about my attempts to exercise.  Hopefully I can keep myself healthy for that.  I tend to over do it and end up a hurting unit but maybe I can keep it together.