Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I lost my mojo

For about one month now I've been less than inspired.  I haven't fallen off the wagon (well not completely) but it's been a bumpy ride.  I suppose it all started when I hit my third month of zero weight loss.  I don't understand why this is happening and it does take it's toll on my psyche.  I am not concentrating on weight loss but still I want it to happen...it needs to happen.  Other mitigating circumstances may be that in July I moved.  It wasn't very taxing and the move went well but there was some distraction and loss of internet for a time.  Previously I would spend quite a bit of time immersing myself in the Paleo world by visiting blogs and recipe gathering.  I haven't done that for about a month (my last post was July 12th and it was simply pictures).  I did, at least, start working out during this time (C25K, rowing and swimming) but suffered some musculo-skeletal pain/soreness.  It has ended up requiring chiropractor visits and regular doses of muscle relaxants and pain relievers (stuff I never take) as well as liniments and hot/cold packs.  I haven't been able to workout for the past week while I recoop but look forward to starting back up the end of this week. 

While my main meals have been Paleo and I continue to prepare my meals, I have been snacking on non Paleo foodstuffs.  Mini candy bars are a main source of cheating and I've also had a few handfuls of chip during this month.  I've eaten 4 non paleo meals and certainly paid a price for that.  It may not seem like much for the time frame but it feels considerable to me. 

I have been reflecting on what has happened.  I've made it 6 months living Paleo and enjoy it.  I love how I feel and the way I'm beginning to look.  I loved the control I was able to exert over my life.  But it's been slipping this past month.  I really think the fact that I haven't been totally immersed in Paleo is a major factor.  Sometimes being the only Paleo person in my household and within my circle is isolating.  Maybe my lone wolf personality needs a pack sometimes.

Lately I've been seeing facebook updates from Paleoites about the AHS convention.  Tonight I finally put some effort into visiting some of the Paleo blogs I follow and read their recaps of the symposium.  I have to say that I'm feeling quite inspired.  I enjoyed reading about people finally meeting some of the bloggers they've been following and listening to the speakers and just immersing theirselves in Paleo.  I'm really looking forward to getting dedicated to my lifestyle choice.  I want to stay up late at night visiting all the blogs I used to stop by.  I'm looking forward to re-energizing my meal choices and my weekly menu.  I'm excited about rebooting my exercise program. 

I just realized that it all comes down to effort.  I haven't been putting forth the same level of effort that I used to.  I've simply been on cruise control for the past month.  Only putting forth the minimal effort needing to stay marginally Paleo.  I'm going to reinvigorate myself and my outlook and get this life back in gear!