Thursday, February 2, 2012


Motivation....that's the word of the week.  It also happens to be what I am currently lacking from a dietary and exercise frame of mind.  I struggle with keeping my motivation (as well as recovering it) when my life is topsy-turvy.  It seems that I am rarely home and I spend most of my time trying to take care of others that I give up on myself.  It's not something that's going to end soon.  I need to try find some energy or will power to push myself along.  I suppose it would help if I could ever think of my lifestyle change as something other than work.  It still time spent for me but the lure of vegetating on the couch is irresistable.  I think at some point today I will crawl off of here, slip on my huaraches, and restart my C25K program.  I was going to do this yesterday but had to spend the day with my Dad at the VA.  If I don't start today then it'll be March 1st before I think about it again.  I have been saying that I was going to start in February because I thought my injury would be healed and now that's it's February I had better get started.  I think my leg is okay, it's been a long time (6 months) since I first hurt it.  Below is text that I imported from the little running blog I started last year.  This will explain what I injured and why it's taken so long.  I suppose if I was in any sort of decent physical shape that it wouldn't have taken so long but I am literally going from the couch to running.  I'm not one of these people who does a little walking or takes a spin class at the gym a couple times a week.  I'm a true blue couch potato.
Speaking of running, here's a little recap of how things are progressing with my little setback.  The foot is still tender and the hip flexor issue turned out to be an adductor issue...and it is still sore.  I got kind of curious about relieving the soreness in my upper leg so I kept looking on the web trying to find an anatomy photo that would help me pinpoint the muscle that was hurting.  I had read that the flexor is used in pulling the leg up.  I had no pain or soreness with this motion but rather when I moved my leg out or in (especially if I rotated the leg a little while moving it in).  After studying some anatomy charts I concluded that it was the hip adductor muscles.  I found a helpful article which explained the symptoms and some treatments/rehab.  But it was good to have a time frame and hopefully this will help me with my rehab and keep me from getting antsy and starting back to soon.

Well, there you have it.  The adductors were my problem and believe me they have been an issue for the entire 6 months.  The last month I have really noticed improvement and any lingering soreness seems to be gone.  I can rotate my leg with out any problem.  My hip does still pop from time to time which it never done prior to my injury but this is greatly reduced within the last month as well.  So I will be off to give it another whirl and hopefully things will hold together.