Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doing better

After last week's bout of soreness and doubt, I'm happy to report that this week has been much better.  After a couple of days off I did a little walking and a couple of short "sprints".  I followed that the next day with an eight mile hike across country.  Being in SE Kansas means there really wasn't any elevation change but it was all trail-less walking through pasture and woodlands.  I was really tired afterwards and had some soreness but it was minimal.  The next day I did a small amount of running and some walking.  My day was spent with activity  so I was always moving which was good.  I took a day off and then today I went for a light workout with the dogs.  I  didn't get to go as long as I wanted due to the old boy.  I'm thinking of going out later this evening with the young sprout and making the circuit again.

Here's a picture of the big guy and as you can see he's not really built for covering much ground at a quick (not that I'm quick) pace.
Name: Ritz
Breed: Giant Schnauzer
Age: 9 years (?)
Job: Defending the home, keeping tabs on his humans, farting.
Hobbies: Destroying toys, playing keep away, maintaining Alpha male status at home, in the neighborhood and at the dog park.

Here's a pic of the little guy.  As you can see he was built for an active lifestyle.
Name: Winston (aka Winnie)
Breed: Giant Schnauzer-Standard Poodle mix (not related to Ritz)
Age: 1 and a half years
Job: Keeping the big guy company, entertaining his humans, distributing his toys throughout the house
Hobbies: Fetching, engaging humans in play, fetching, gathering sticks, and fetching.