Thursday, June 2, 2011

Roasted Beets with Orange Shallot Glaze

This is a fabulous recipe that I found while "hunting and gathering" online.  Beets are a childhood favorite that we always had in our garden.  After harvesting, my Mom would pickle the beets which I suppose is the only way I've really ever had a beet.  This recipe calls for butter and normally I am sans dairy but I just couldn't see anyway to get the glaze without butter so I made an exception to my rule.  I found this recipe on Tastespotting a few months back and put it in my 3 ring binder.  I just now got around to making these and they are as good as I hoped.  I was sort of worried about the orange juice and whether it would work or taste to acidic but it was great! 

*I really like the glaze so I made extra because I wanted to cover each beet adequately.