Thursday, May 5, 2011

Phase Two has begun

I've been eating Paleo since January 3rd of this year.  Since that time I have lost 45 pounds and gotten off my HBP medication.  Of course, I feel really good and have seen lots of changes (for the better) from sleep pattern, inflammation, GI tract, skin and more.  During this time I've pretty much lived my life the way I had been.  Which means I slept, went to work, ate and watched movies but not necessarily in that order.  My weight loss has been stalled out for about a month and a half.  I'll drop a couple one week and add them back the next.  I haven't gained anything but I'm just not losing.  I've been saying for two months that I must start exercising but haven't done anything about it.  Well, that's changed and I have my iPhone to thank. 

I was driving to my parent's place and was pondering my situation when I thought of looking for an exercise app.  Yeah, I'm not one of those people with pages of apps on their phone.  After looking around I decided to add a push-up app to my phone which led to me getting a sit-up app, a squat app and a chin-up app.  I'm so pitifully out of shape that the only apps I can actually do correctly (albeit minimally) is the sit-up and squat app but believe me when I say that my butt is sore!!!  Also, my abs hurt and I'm pretty sure my arms are about to fall off.  This is after completing one day of each app on the puny setting.  Ay Caramba! 

I'm sure exercising will be difficult for me to incorporate into my life.  I've never played sports and with the exception of one summer when I was addicted to bicycling I've never really spent any serious time exercising.  I'm hoping my apps will help me out even if it drives my sister crazy when I post it to my facebook page.