Saturday, March 26, 2011


Last night at work was popcorn night, bags of freshly popped popcorn are brought to the desks and everyone gets so excited and snatches up their bag.  This used to include me.  This was the second time since switching to Paleo that popcorn night has occurred.  The first time wasn't long after I started Paleo and the popcorn smelled so yummy.  Last night they dropped the popcorn off, stacking all the bags at the end of my desk, people started opening the bags and something was different.  The smell hit my nose and it was awful.  It smelled really bad to me.  Did it always smell like that?  I even mentioned it to the co-worker next to me.  It must have been fine because everyone was digging in as usual but it was stinky to me. Today I thought of this clip from Nacho Libre, which pretty much sums up how I felt about it last night.