Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hunting & Gathering

I've been meaning to blog some meal photos but between being out of town and working my four in a row, I haven't gotten around to it.  I don't suppose it matters because I didn't really do a bang up job in the kitchen last week.  All the meals turned out fine but I just didn't like them very much.  The problem was my grocery list.  I tried to wing it last week and when I do that I tend to buy in themes and I don't notice it until I get home and start cooking.  So last week I went crazy with green leafy veggies.  It was too much.  So this week I went back to the menu plan provided to me through my membership with Paleo Plan.  I'll try to get some photos posted this weekend but can't make any promises because I've got some movies lined up for viewing!!!  I always try to watch the movies in the Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting and Director categories.  I didn't get a chance to some of them before the awards tonight but I made it through part of the list.  Maybe in the next week or two I can watch a couple of the ones I missed.

In the meantime, I've done a little hunting and gathering for you.  Have you been on tastespotting or foodgawker?  There are so many cake and cookie photos as well as pasta dishes.  I've always had a more savory palate than a sweet one, so I always skipped passed those dishes anyway.  But now I really notice how many sites I pass up before I find an entry for a veggie dish or a meat dish.  Sometimes I go through 2 or 3 pages before I find something that I think I might be able to modify for Paleo.

I've been adding mushrooms to a lot of my dishes lately and I sort of like the flavor they add.  I've always avoided mushrooms prior to Paleo but there one of those things I try to incorporate now a days.  Check out Taste of Home for their cauliflower and mushroom dish.

Beets were always a favorite at our house when I was a kid.  We always had plenty of beets in the garden and always made lots of pickled beets, which I love.  I rarely buy them now because they seem so pricey in the store.  Maybe one of these days I'll splurge and pick some up.  If so, I'm trying Lemons and Lavender's hasselback beets because they're so pretty!

I love a big plate of beef, I think it's my favorite.  So I was pretty excited when I came across The Peach Kitchen's photo of Filipino Bistek.

Hunting is something I'm hoping to do this year.  I want to have my own game meat on the table.  Not only will it reduce my grocery bill but I will feel more satisfied about what I eat.  I grew up hunting and still do today but I want to pursue meat for the table.  I love Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and he has some amazing game recipes on his site.  I used to visit he site when I was first attempting Paleo but lost track of it.  I was tickled to come across a pic while H&Ging for recipes.

Here's another beet recipe, this time from SoundSpicy.  This one is a soup with tomatoes that has a brilliant color. 

And finally a pork chop recipe from Share My Kitchen that I would like to try because the chops are topped with a quince sauce.

**Please remember that the recipes may need to be tweaked a little to make them Paleo friendly but most only need one ingredient adapted or removed.