Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hunting and Gathering

Maybe it's my inner caveman fighting to get to the surface in this modern world but I love to search for recipes, I think it's my way of foraging for food!  I've got a big binder of recipes that I've printed off from my pre-Paleo days that I admit, I'm a little bummed about not being able to make them again.  They were so yummy.  But I'm happy with not eating that stuff but I suppose what I'm bummed about is that I enjoyed finding recipes and trying them out.  Anyway, I still love to search for recipes and while I have to pass over alot of recipes because they are just too non-Paleo, I still find some that I want to try.  My favorite place to search for recipes are the sites that list food bloggers.  Tastespotting, FoodGawker and PhotoGrazing are the main ones that I use.  There are lots of blogs featured that make baked goods but you can find some other recipes and some minor tweaks usually make them Paleo friendly.  Be warned though, if the site of hot crossed buns makes you steamy then perhaps you should avoid looking at the sites because there are some awesome home chefs out there who really know how to use their cameras.  Mouthwatering is all I can say.

Here are a list of some recipes that I found over the past week that would be great Paleo dishes.  Like I said before, you may have to tweak them a little but all of them will be very easy to convert.  Check the "Hunting and Gathering" label/tag in the future for a quick search of links.

  1. From the site Cooking Books is a great looking onion dish that I can't wait to try.
  2. Karma Cucina has a recipe for my favorite winter squash, the butternut.
  3. The brussel sprout gets some star time over at Fuss Free Cooking.
  4. Budget Bytes tells you how much it'll cost you to make their great looking pork chops.
  5. One of these days I will try to make kale chips like the ones at Making Life Delicious.
  6. Here's an interesting plantain dish that I found on Cooking Etcetera.
  7. Skinny Taste has some yummy looking turkey meatballs that would make a great appetizer.
  8. Everything is better with bacon!  Here's another one from Skinny Taste.  This time a salad recipe.