Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Fresh Start

Below is the second running post I posted on my now defunct running blog.  I'm incorporating these old post into my paleo blog so I have everything health related in one spot.  I figured it was as good a time as any to import these since I'm not really doing any cooking or following a paleo lifestyle or running.  Why you may be wondering?  Well, I'm gearing up for a fresh start.  I'm going to be focusing on diet again and my hip/back injury is really close to being rehabbed that I plan on starting a C25K program soon.

Originally posted August 28th, 2011
Okay, so I've made it to the point where I can go around the block without much soreness to the muscles in my lower legs.  But now I've got other problems.  Namely some blisters.  They aren't bad but there's some blistering going on and it's mainly on my left foot.  After visiting the forum at Invisible Shoe I've learned that this is more than likely caused by pushing and pulling with my foot and probably due to over striding with that leg.  It just so happens that the little injury I inflicted on myself from my rowing and shod running extravaganza is on my left side.  I'm also having some lingering hip flexor soreness from that injury as well.  So clearly I need to continue to rehab and take it easy while I'm out there as well as continuing to work on my form.

I've been trying to convince my sister to join me in huarache running but she thinks I'm borderline nuts although I think she would like to try it.  I was talking about form and how after a particular evening's run I hadn't done so well with form due to knocking some little blisters on my foot.  I picked my foot up to show her and she snapped the following pictures.
Perhaps I'm use to them but I really didn't think they were all that bad.  However everyone on Facebook thought they were gross and that it looked painful.  Well, it might have looked painful but it's not.  The dark areas aren't really blisters  more like a callus with blood.  I'm not sure what they are but they aren't a thin layer of skin with liquid underneath. It's blood but it's dispersed through the skin layer and it seems a couple of layers deep.   Now on my left foot you can see a rather larger blister under the area between my big toe and second toe.  After this I learned to shorten my stride and I haven't put that big of a blister on since.  As a matter of fact, I haven't really put on any blisters since concentrating on the length of my stride.  Now, I need to figure out what I am doing wrong that is causing the blood spots.  I suspect I may be landing to hard on my foot which I'll stew over in another post.